That lens is called 58/1.4 SLII "Nokton", but is in reality a daytime lens - and a good one. It has a dual personality, remindful of the 50/1.2 Nikkor : somewhat dreamy wide open, but very sharp and aberration-free on stopping down.
École militaire. Wide open.
At f/11, it is pretty sharp on close-ups
Here at an intermediate stop (f/2.8)
At f/8, all qualities you would expect from a modern, standard lens.
At f/1.4 and close-up (about 1:6), nothing is sharp,  but the painters are at work.
This one, at f/8, saw a lot more post-processing - ma non troppo.
Works well against the light. The outlining effect on out-of-focus highlights may disturb at times.

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